Macmillan's electronic systems, including our networks, Cornerstone, Confluence and other internal networks ('Systems'), are for use by employees of Macmillan, its affiliates and others expressly authorized by Macmillan.   These Systems are for business use only, subject to the company's Code of Conduct and employment policies, including, but not limited to, Macmillan's policies preventing discriminatory harassment and protecting intellectual property, and the Macmillan Social Networking Policy, a copy of which is available from Human Resources or compliance staff.   By using these Systems, you agree that, except where prohibited by law, anything created on them automatically becomes the property of Macmillan.   Communications and all other documents and files on the Systems are subject to monitoring and review by Macmillan.   By using these Systems you expressly consent to such monitoring and review.   If you are not an employee, but have been granted access to the Systems in order to provide the company services, you acknowledge that use of these Systems will not create an employment relationship between you and Macmillan.

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