a system of classifying information in a document with tags


information added to a document to classify different elements within the document


someone or something that interprets the tags in document markup


a type of tag that defines the formatting of an element in a document

paragraph style

a style that defines the formatting of a whole paragraph in a document

character style

a style that defines the formatting of a span of characters


description of a group or string of characters that take a character style

direct formatting

character formatting applied directly to the text rather than with a style; also known as local formatting or manual formatting

Viewing and applying styles


Styles area

a margin on the left-hand side of Draft view in Word that displays the paragraph style used in every paragraph of a document

Styles Pane

a toolbox that lists all available styles and any direct formatting applied on top of those styles

Quick Styles box

a box in the Ribbon that shows your commonly used styles, and also shows you what style is in use in any text you have selected

Style Inspector

a box that displays the formatting of any actively selected text

The Macmillan Template



a short bit of computer code that tells the computer to perform certain functions automatically


a short tag, no more than a few characters long, that is amended to the end of each style name


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